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Atkins & Markoff Receives $1.8 Million Verdict Against Olive Garden

Atkins & Markoff Receives $1.8 Million Verdict Against Olive Garden

On Friday, December 12, 2014, Atkins & Markoff received a $1,812,500 verdict in a case against The Olive Garden Restaurants. Sarah Richards, the plaintiff, was found 10% comparably negligent. Personal injury lawyers at Atkins & Markoff worked hard to represent Mrs. Richards in the case, eventually proving that The Olive Garden was responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries.

The case was in reference to an experience in October of 2009 that resulted in Mrs. Richards severely injuring her back, which eventually led to her undergoing multiple back operations. Mrs. Richards, her husband, and another couple were seated at a table in the bar area of The Olive Garden in October of 2009 and immediately noticed the floor appeared to be slippery and wet. The group voiced their concerns to the busser, who then cleaned the area. However, the busser failed to use degreaser and simply mopped the area that had been previously dry. Mrs. Richards was informed the area was safe and went to sit back down. As she stepped towards her chair, she slipped and fell hard onto the tile floor. The slip and fall injury caused severe damage to her back, eventually leading to four back operations, including three fusions, two of which were due to the failure of the fusions to heal correctly. The Olive Garden claimed the two fusions failed because Mrs. Richards was a smoker and did not stop smoking during the initial three surgeries.

However, lawyers at Atkins & Markoff argued that Mrs. Richards’ fall was 100% the fault of The Olive Garden for failing to follow proper procedures regarding spills on the floor. Mrs. Richards’ smoking history was presented as a pre-existing condition that had nothing to do with the failed fusions.

On December 12, 2014, the jury deliberated for just over an hour, delivering a unanimous verdict in favor of Mrs. Richards.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured due to the negligence of a restaurant or another party, please contact Atkins & Markoff today. Our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers have a strong record in representing people throughout the state on cases similar to Mrs. Richards’. We understand how devastating a slip and fall injury can be and will do everything we can to help you receive the compensation and justice you deserve. To learn more about our services or to set up a consultation with an attorney from Atkins & Markoff today, please contact our law firm.