Can I Negotiate My Own Personal Injury Settlement?

can i negotiate my own settlement

According to the National Center for State Courts, people involved in injury lawsuits are increasingly going “pro se” — trying to represent themselves and navigate the litigation process on their own instead of hiring an attorney. While it’s possible to save money by representing yourself, pro se representation comes with risks you should seriously consider. … Read moreCan I Negotiate My Own Personal Injury Settlement?

Our Highways Aren’t Safe, and Trucking Companies Are to Blame

truck accident

For decades, trucking companies have successfully lobbied against regulations and reforms that could make the trucking industry safer. Now, the most recent Commercial Vehicle Safety Report from Wards Intelligence shows that the trucking industry is failing to make safety improvements and is even causing more truck accidents over time. Keep reading to learn more about … Read moreOur Highways Aren’t Safe, and Trucking Companies Are to Blame

How Electronic Logs Can Help Your Truck Accident Case 

Electronic Trucking Logs

Trucking companies frequently ask their employees to drive long distances and work long hours. Some companies even pressure their drivers to break federal regulations and drive unreasonably long shifts, threatening the drivers with punishment or even termination if they refuse. As a result, many truckers drive in a constant state of fatigue, and this widespread fatigue remains one of the leading causes of deadly truck crashes in the United States. 

Thankfully, emerging technologies can provide a clearer, more reliable picture of how long and how far a trucker was driving prior to a crash. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) requires all commercial truckers to maintain a written log of their hours and document rest periods for all trips, and companies must preserve these records for at least six months. In addition, as part of the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” (MAP-21) bill, the law now requires all commercial trucking vehicles to carry a functional electronic logging device (ELD). 

Read on to learn more about how an experienced attorney can use the data from an ELD to build a powerful truck accident claim. 

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Should I Settle My Car Accident Case?

Car Accident Settlement

Individuals who have suffered injuries in a car accident because of another person’s negligence often don’t know where to turn. In many cases, their injuries require extensive and costly medical treatment. If their injuries are severe, they may not be able to work or enjoy life the way they had before the crash.

Thankfully, many victims can find some recourse by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party and their insurance company. However, insurance companies like to offer victims small or moderate settlements so they can avoid a lengthy legal process and a potentially larger payout.

In some cases, accepting the insurance company’s settlement offer might be the right move for you. In other cases, you’ll need to push back with the help of a lawyer and potentially even take your claim to trial.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident at the hands of a negligent driver, keep reading to learn about some factors that should influence your decision about any settlement offer as well as how an attorney can help you make this critical choice.

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A Drunk Driver Hit Me in Oklahoma — Can I Sue?

Many individuals who suffer injuries in a crash caused by a drunk driver come to a painful crossroads. They’re suffering through mental, emotional, and physical ailments that make it difficult to work, study, or enjoy their lives with friends and family. In addition, these victims often incur enormous medical bills and lost wages, which places … Read moreA Drunk Driver Hit Me in Oklahoma — Can I Sue?

These 4 Common Truck Defects Cause Deadly Wrecks

Truck Defects

While the truck driver’s actions should receive plenty of scrutiny in the wake of a devastating truck accident, there’s also a good chance the condition of the truck itself played a role in causing the wreck.

Compared to a typical passenger car, trucks are extremely complex and require constant maintenance. Meanwhile, profit-driven trucking companies often try to cut corners on inspections and repairs to pad their profit margins. Together, these factors mean vehicle defects contribute to truck crashes at incredibly high rates.

Read this article to learn some of the common truck defects that often cause deadly wrecks and how an attorney can help if you’ve been affected. 

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Will Self-Driving Trucks Make Our Roads Safer or More Dangerous?

Self-driving technology is already available in consumer vehicles, and trucking companies are eager to leverage this technology for potential profit. A potential switch to autonomous trucks could save the trucking industry billions of dollars, but it might also make our roadways more dangerous, at least according to some highway safety experts.

Keep reading to learn how self-driving commercial trucks could impact the safety of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on our nation’s city streets and interstates. 

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4 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Manipulate Car Accident Victims

Most drivers pay expensive premiums to their car insurance company each month for financial protection and peace of mind. Unfortunately, when a crash happens and it’s time for the insurance company to step up, drivers don’t always get the treatment they deserve. As if being involved in a car accident isn’t stressful enough, insurance companies and their adjusters often use a variety of tactics to confuse and ultimately exploit car wreck victims.  

Keep reading to learn how insurance companies and their employees try and manipulate the situation when a victim reports an accident or attempts to negotiate a fair settlement. And if you or someone you care about has recently been involved in a car wreck, please contact Atkins & Markoff to receive a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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Why Early Investigation Is Key After a Truck Accident

truck accident attorney

After a serious truck accident, your safety should be your priority. However, a close second should be contacting an experienced injury lawyer so they can start an investigation into your claim. Building your case early on can strengthen your claims and help you make a financial recovery. Read on to learn why. Start Building Your … Read moreWhy Early Investigation Is Key After a Truck Accident

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Crash Lawsuit in Oklahoma?

Car crashes are all too common, and they create plenty of fallout for victims: emergency treatment, follow-up appointments, calls from insurance companies, getting the car repaired or finding a new one. If you’ve been injured, some time may have passed before you even started thinking about filing a lawsuit and trying to get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. 

That’s understandable, but it’s also important for you to know that the clock is ticking on your case. Every day you wait to contact an attorney counts against you. In this article, we’ll explain Oklahoma’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases and discuss why it’s important to get help from a lawyer as soon as possible after a crash. 

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