Surprising Facts About Roofing Accidents


This should come as no surprise, but some of the most serious injuries and fatalities of any industry occur in construction, particularly roofing. Falls from roofs often result in life-threatening injuries or even death, as the sheer height of the buildings is enough to cause problems in itself. While accidents undoubtedly happen, many of these … Read moreSurprising Facts About Roofing Accidents

Surprising Facts About Construction Accidents

It is common knowledge that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous. Whether working a commercial or residential job, the risks of injury are extremely high. This is one of the main reasons why we have seen such a worker shortage in the construction sector in recent years. The fact of the matter … Read moreSurprising Facts About Construction Accidents

Common Construction Site Injuries


Construction sites are some of the most dangerous areas, especially for those working within them. In fact, construction as an industry is extremely hazardous and is frequently connected with accidents that result in serious injuries, and even death in some cases. While there are strict safety regulations in place, they are not always followed, leaving … Read moreCommon Construction Site Injuries

10 Habits of Safe Construction Workers


The construction industry is one of the most important, and dangerous. Those who work in the industry put themselves at risk of injury, and even death, every single day in order to improve roadways, build new homes and corporate structures, and maintain buildings. Because of the high level of risk associated with the job, it … Read more10 Habits of Safe Construction Workers