Most Common Construction Defects

Most Common Construction Defects

No matter where you live and what time of year it is, construction is a major part of society. Oklahoma residents surely witness a new building or home being built or construction taking place on the many busy roadways. Regardless of the reason for construction, it is important that certain standards are met and safety precautions adhered to. If those working in the construction industry either fail to follow regulations or are careless with their actions, serious workplace accidents may take place. On the other hand, construction defects can be yet another result of failing to follow proper rules and paying attention to the professional standard of care in the construction industry.

Construction defects come in many different shapes and forms, from structurally unsound buildings to problems with the ventilation and air-conditioning systems. In order to avoid construction defects, it is extremely important for those managing the construction site to not only be aware of potential defects, but to investigate the work site and take action against any discovered defects.

Again, there are a wide range of construction defects that can occur. Here is a brief look at some of the most common construction defects in Oklahoma:

  • Facade leaks. Otherwise known as exterior leaks, these types of construction defects can occur in both new construction and restoration projects
  • Window leaks. This type of construction defect usually is due to faulty installation. Installing new windows can be complicated, which is why it is important only those professionally trained perform this task
  • Wood floor problems. Because natural wood expands and contracts over time, it is important the wooden flooring is acclimated to the building before being installed. In the event it is put down when damp, gaps may occur
  • Inadequate fire-stopping seals. It is unfortunately common for buildings to have problems with the seals around pipes, conduits, and ducts that go through fireproof floors and walls
  • Ventilation and exhaust problems. Common in both the public areas of a building and individual apartments, a proper ventilation system may not exist at all or may not be working properly
  • Electrical and plumbing defects. These types of defects could be in any room and go unnoticed until there is a more serious problem

Construction defects are quite common throughout Oklahoma and are preventable when proper regulations and safety measures are followed. To learn more about these types of cases or to discuss your legal options with a trained personal injury lawyer from Atkins & Markoff, please contact our law firm today.