Drunk Driving Charges From Holiday DUI Checkpoints in Oklahoma

The holidays are a time of year when nearly everyone takes a bit of a break and celebrates with family and friends. While the festivities in December and into January are looked upon with anticipation for weeks if not months, there are situations that can arise that can instantly ruin the entire experience. One such situation would include being arrested and charged with Oklahoma DUI. While those who find themselves in this situation should immediately seek the help of experienced Oklahoma City DUI lawyers, making yourself aware of potential problems and avoiding them is the best way to make sure you maximize your enjoyment of the holiday season.


In recent years, cities all over the United States have been holding DUI checkpoints at different locations in an attempt to identify and apprehend suspected drunk drivers. These efforts have been extremely successful, which only means that more of them are appearing. These checkpoints are staffed by police officers who in many cases will pull over every vehicle that passes and speak to them. If the officer smells or otherwise suspects the presence of alcohol in the driver’s system, the interrogation and investigation process will begin immediately, and could quickly lead to an arrest.


Rather than pushing your luck and risking an arrest for Oklahoma DUI, you should make some simple plans in order to assure yourself that you won’t face this serious legal problem. First and foremost, if you’re planning on consuming alcohol that evening, do not drive. Either avoid alcohol or assign a driver to avoid it for you. In addition, you should have the phone number of at least two taxi cab companies with you so that if no one in your party has avoided alcohol, you have an alternative for transportation. The expense of a taxi cab ride is far less than the tens of thousands in fines, fees and legal costs that are associated with an Oklahoma DUI arrest.

Finally, you should always assume that there will be a checkpoint on your route, as that will only help you to make the proper plans. However, if you are stopped and arrested for suspicion of DUI, you need to act immediately to protect your legal rights, as you only have a matter of days to attempt to retain your driving privileges. Contact the Oklahoma drunk driving defense attorney at Atkins & Markoff if you are arrested as soon as possible.