Drunk Driving Down in Oklahoma During Traffic Safety Campaign

Following April’s “More Cops-More Stops” traffic safety campaign, which targeted drunk driving, speeding and seat belt enforcement, the Sapulpa Police Department in Oklahoma reported a decrease in the rate of motorists driving under the influence of alcohol. By implementing such traffic safety initiatives, authorities can work to reduce the incidence of drunk driving accidents, injuries and fatalities throughout Oklahoma. If you have suffered injuries in a DUI accident in Oklahoma, or if you lost a loved one in an accident caused by a drunk driver, contact our reputable attorneys at Atkins & Markoff to discuss your legal options. You may have grounds to file a personal injury or wrongful death suit against the at-fault driver, in order to pursue financial compensation for your losses. Our law firm is located in Oklahoma City, and our lawyers have years of experience helping DUI accident victims in Oklahoma seek the compensation they deserve.


“We only had two DUI’s,” said Maj. Jeff Gilliland about the success of the traffic safety campaign. “It’s a good indication we’re getting the message out about impaired driving.” Police records showed there were 85 motorists cited for speeding during the April 19-28 campaign, but there were only seven citations for no seat belt use. “Officers and motorists are doing fantastic jobs in decreasing the number of fatality accidents in the city,” said Gilliland. Drunk driving in particular is an issue that Oklahoma authorities are determined to crack down on, and the latest numbers indicate at least a step in the right direction. “Those who are candidates for driving drunk are making more responsible decisions about getting designated drivers or making other arrangements,” Gilliland said.


According to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, nearly 500 people were killed in Oklahoma highway accidents in 2010, and records show that 60% percent were not wearing their seat belts, 28% were speeding and more than 30% involved an alcohol-impaired driver. The unfortunate truth is that DUI accidents are a major cause of devastating injuries and tragic loss of life in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident in Oklahoma City, or elsewhere in Oklahoma, consult our knowledgeable lawyers at Atkins & Markoff for legal help. Our attorneys have extensive experience protecting the rights of individuals injured in DUI accidents throughout Oklahoma, and will work diligently to help you seek fair and timely reimbursement for your injuries, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.