Facebook Memorializing Users After They Die

Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites online, has rules and procedures for when a user of this site dies. A blog posted on Oct. 26 by Max Kelly, Facebook’s head of security, announced the company’s policy of “memorializing” profiles of users who have died, taking them out of the public search results, sealing them from any future log-in attempts and leaving the wall open for family and friends to pay their respects.

According to Time, “media reports claimed this was a new Facebook feature, but it’s an option the site has had since its early days. “

This came into controversy due to Facebook’s new version of the site’s homepage, which includes automatically generated “suggestions” of people to “reconnect” with according to Time.

With so much online activity it is common to have problems with social networking sites. A girl posted a tweet from the social networking site Twitter about Facebook’s new version. She complained about the suggestions were for friends that had died.

According to Time, Facebook “promised to issue a new privacy policy that better articulates how user information is treated postmortem and offered the commissioner an outline of its memorializing policy, nearly three months before the blog post explained it to users.”

Facebook sealing the profiles of the deceased to only family and friends allows their loved ones to still pay their respects. Social networking still has its issues, but it will only get better.