Failure to Appear in Court in Oklahoma

Nonappearance- when a person is required to appear in court, but fail to do so. Appearance in court is usually required with cases such as a speeding ticket, or if you are being charged with a crime. Also, you may receive a summons, which means that the person summoned must appear in court with or without a criminal defense attorney to defend their case.


Failure to appear in court can be considered a crime, separate from the matter the person is being summoned for. In most cases, nonappearance will result in a misdemeanor charge. However, the misdemeanor may become further complicated if the judge issues a bench warrant for the person’s arrest.


The judge may issue a “bench warrant” for failing to appear. This means if you ever get stopped by the police, they may run a check on your ID and you may be arrested.
Default judgment for the other party – which means the opposing party will win the case without even hearing your arguments.
Denial of bail
Revoking of “release on recognizance” privileges (when a person is let out of jail without having to pay money on the agreement that they will appear at all hearings.)
You may be required to pay fines; the court can freeze your assets or seize your property if you are unable to pay
You may have your license revoked while the case s ongoing.
Being held in contempt of court

Failure to appear for preliminary hearings
Failure to appear while a case is ongoing
Failure to appear for purpose of paying a fine
Failure to appear to receive sentencing after completion of a trial
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