Fentanyl Patch Lawsuit Settlement Reached in Illinois

Fentanyl pain patches have been used widely by patients who needed help managing chronic pain. Several enormous manufacturers have placed these types of pain patches on the market in recent years including Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceutical Products, and Alza Corporation. Unfortunately, reports of serious fentanyl pain patch side effects also began to surface with the proliferation of these products, and some patients died after using them. As one would expect, a common reaction to the development of fentanyl pain patch side effects for many was to seek the help of a fentanyl pain patch lawyer in order to file a defective drugs lawsuit. One such lawsuit in Illinois has recently settled, and a brief description of the matter appears below.


The case at hand centered on a man in Illinois who needed help managing chronic pain, which these pain patches are supposed to treat. These pain patches can be 100 times as strong as morphine, and they are designed to be placed on the skin so that the medication contained in the pain patches moves through the membranes and into the system at regular intervals. The benefit aside from pain relief is that the pain patches basically automate the treatment process and eliminate the need for pills or IV’s.

This was the plan for the fentanyl pain patch victim, who began to use them a few years ago. Tragically, after about a month of using these products, serious and dangerous fentanyl pain patch side effects began to appear and the man died about a month after beginning to use them. In response, the man’s wife sought the help of a defective drugs lawyer and filed a lawsuit against several parties that were eventually pared to those manufacturers mentioned above.


Three days before the defective drugs lawsuit was set to start its trial, the case settled. As is the norm in these situations, the terms of the settlement were confidential. However, estimates indicate that approximately $36 million in damages have been awarded to plaintiffs in fentanyl pain patch lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson alone. If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of using these pain patches, you need to seek the help of a fentanyl pain patch side effects lawyer immediately to make sure your legal rights are enforced. Contact Atkins & Markoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.