First Degree Manslaughter for Beauty Queen DUI

As a drunk driver awaiting trial due to the death of another individual, a criminal defendant will likely assume that he/she doesn’t have rights. However, a criminal defendant’s rights are exactly opposite of that assumption. As the premier criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma, we look forward to providing you with the knowledge that your life deserves at this critical fork in the road. To the contrary, a criminal defendant awaiting trial will find a jail sentence, probation, suspension of driving rights, or hefty fines if not properly represented. For example, in November 2010, a former bikini model was sentenced to seven years in prison for drinking and driving, which caused the death of a man sitting in booth at an Oklahoma City IHOP. The woman crashed into the IHOP and pinned the man between the table and the wall.

The Oklahoma County Judge chose the punishment and imposed an unlikely sentence. The DUI-defendant received seven years in prison, eighteen years of probation, twenty-five years without a license to drive, a $2,500 fine to the Victim’s Compensation Fund, and restitution to the victim’s family.

In a situation like this, a criminal defense attorney will be able to lessen the sentence that a judge may impose or argue an acquittal. However, a DUI-defendant will most likely be fined the maximum penalty if not represented with the best attorney in Oklahoma City.


In fact in the case mentioned above, the oral argument presented was mostly focused on whether the defendant was remorseful. The judge decided that the defendant was not remorseful; thus, the judge gave her a maximum sentence. This is the exact situation that arises when a criminal defendant does not pick an experienced and successful attorney.

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