Holiday DUI Checkpoints: Our Affordable Oklahoma City DUI Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You

As the calendar moves towards summer in Oklahoma, several holidays are on the horizon that involve festive celebrations. Both Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are occasions where people take time away from their daily grind to spend time with family and friends. It’s also a time when people tend to embibe with others, which leads to the deployment of DUI checkpoints around the state. Unfortunately for many people, this will lead to an instant and urgent need for help from an Oklahoma City DUI criminal defense lawyer after they’ve been arrested. Below is an overview of how the attorneys at one Oklahoma City law firm can help you.


Many people hesitate to seek the help of an Oklahoma City DUI criminal defense lawyer after they’ve been arrested for DUI because they are concerned that it will cost too much to obtain this sort of help. Simply put, money should not be an obstacle to justice, and the attorneys at Atkins & Markoff in Oklahoma City understand the economic reality of the present time. Therefore, before you decide to simply give up and allow the process of prosecution to play out against you, you owe it to yourself to at least find out what options are available in terms of affordable legal fees. Working with an Oklahoma City DUI defense lawyer can make an enormous difference in your ultimate result.


An Oklahoma DUI defendant faces the prospect of having to pay many different costs, including fines for the offense, alcohol assessments, much higher insurance rates and many other hidden costs that arise when he or she is convicted of DUI. However, depending on the facts of your specific situation, it’s possible that working out an affordable legal fee payment schedule could help you minimize some of those costs if your defense is strong and you avoid some of the high-end sanctions available to the court.

Overall, there are many considerations involved with facing a DUI charge in Oklahoma. One of them includes whether or not to seek the help of an experienced Oklahoma City DUI criminal defense lawyer. Contact Atkins & Markoff today to schedule an initial consultation, as you need all of the facts regarding what could happen to you before you make any final decisions.