How to Re-establish Your Credit After Filing for Bankruptcy

According to estimates provided by Epiq Systems Inc., more than 600,000 new bankruptcy cases were filed in the United States in the first half of 2012. If you were one of them, it probably feels like your financial future has been significantly compromised, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The good news is, there are plenty of simple ways you can effectively rebuild your credit and get your finances back on track after filing for bankruptcy, which a lawyer can help you with. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma, contact our experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Atkins & Markoff to discuss your best course of action. Our team of qualified bankruptcy lawyers will work with you one on one in order to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you, and which type of bankruptcy best suits your needs.


One of the biggest fears most Oklahomans face in seeking bankruptcy protection is that filing will destroy their credit and ruin their chances of qualifying for loans in the future. That’s not so, according to personal financial planning experts at the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants. It’s true that you will likely face some obstacles post-bankruptcy, but with the help of our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys at Atkins & Markoff, you can chart a new financial course with a strong commitment to educating yourself on ways to become more disciplined with your money.

Here at Atkins & Markoff, we understand the importance of feeling financially secure, which may include having access to credit and being eligible to take out certain loans. On that note, one of the most important things to consider after filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma is what type of financial behavior got you in this situation in the first place. This simple tip can help you understand what you need to do differently this time around in order to avoid finding yourself in a similar position down the road.


Filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma can be confusing, especially for someone without a legal background. There are two main types of bankruptcy in Oklahoma – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 – each of which is designed to help consumers relieve unpayable debt in different ways. If you are struggling with overwhelming debt and you think bankruptcy might be a good option for you, contact our reputable bankruptcy lawyers at Atkins & Markoff to explore your legal options. Our law firm is located in Oklahoma City, and our attorneys have years of experience helping Oklahomans discharge or reorganize their debt and start fresh with a blank slate.