Interstate 40 Car Accident Statistics

Because Oklahoma occupies a spot as the virtual center of the United States, and a great deal of the state is low-lying flatland, dozens of vital interstate roads network across the state. Interstate 35, Interstate 40, and Interstate 44 provide state to state transportation, while U.S Routes 59, 69, 75, 54, 60, and 70 facilitate movement within the state. Interstate 40 (I-40) is a major west-east Interstate Highway in the United States.

Much of the western portion of I-40, from Oklahoma City to Barstow, parallels or overlays the historic U.S. Route 66. The I-40 OKC Crosstown was built in 1965, is too narrow for existing traffic, and is very dilapidated. Current plans call for I-40 to be relocated a few blocks south of the exiting route, the elevated route turn down, and a landscaped boulevard built on the old right-of-way, similar to the I-30 reconstruction through downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Oklahomans are more likely to be victims of car accidents than almost any other state. In 2008, there were total 673 fatal accidents in the state. 71 of those were on Interstate Highways, such as I-40, out of 8,109 total.

Other interesting statistics for the year 2008 in Oklahoma:
-More crashes occurred in October than any other month.
-Most accidents occur between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
-12,353 out of the 72,667 total accidents happened on a Friday, the day of the week with the most.