Lake Hefner Sunsets and The Joys of Oklahoma Living

Although Oklahoma has over 200 man-made lakes, the natural beauty of these organic landmarks is rarely taken for granted. The people of Oklahoma treasure the stunning scenery and the variety of remarkable backdrops the state has to offer. One of the most beautiful lakes in Oklahoma is Lake Hefner, a reservoir located in the state’s capital, Oklahoma City. Visitors and long-time Oklahoma residents alike are drawn to the recreational aspect of Lake Hefner, which includes 9.5 miles of bike trails, a fishing dock, piers, and boat ramps, among other outdoor attractions. Others simply enjoy the beauty of the lake itself. During the day, with the sun shining and the people of Oklahoma enjoying all of what Lake Hefner has to offer, the beauty of the lake is breath-taking. But when the sun starts to set, with the Lake Hefner lighthouse in the foreground and the purplish hue of the dusky sky, the lake’s majesty is truly unmatchable. The Oklahoma City attorneys at Atkins and Markoff have the privilege of viewing this spectacular scene on a daily basis.

The people of Oklahoma are not unused to nature, beauty, and outdoor adventure, though. With more than forty state parks, and exceptionally serene forests, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains, life in Oklahoma is the epitome of natural splendor. Oklahoma is home to the Wichita Mountains, the Natural Falls State Park, the Talimena National Scenic Byway, the Black Mesa Area, and the Glover River, to name only a few of the state’s most breathtaking locales. There are also several landmarks which pay tribute to the distinguished history of the state of Oklahoma, including the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the Oklahoma State Capitol. Residents of Oklahoma find immense pleasure in the diverse beauty and the historical prominence of their home state, which is matched only by the friendly and welcoming nature of the people of Oklahoma themselves.

To say that the Oklahoma City attorneys at Atkins and Markoff, and all other Oklahomans love life in “The Sooner State” is a gross understatement. Although the state has experienced its share of tragedy, natural disasters, and economic hardships, the pride and honor of Oklahomans has prevailed, illustrated by the state motto, “Labor Omnia Vincit,” or “Labor Conquers All Things.” With the natural beauty of the state’s diverse geography, the relaxing and gracious demeanor of their neighbors and friends, the distinction of the state’s historical character, and the unrivaled brilliance of landmarks like Lake Hefner, what more could the people of Oklahoma ask for?