Murder: The Scariest Crime To Be Convicted Of

Murder: The Scariest Crime To Be Convicted Of

There are a number of things that everybody fears when living in a densely populated area. There are dangers all over the place, but many of the most frightening ones lie in your own hands. You could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up being wrongfully accused of a crime that you may not have committed.  Other times you may have done something, which eventually ended with an undesired outcome. Whether you intentionally performed an act that is forbidden by law or if you were an innocent bystander taking the blame for somebody else, it is imperative that you have the proper defense.

It is arguable to debate if the murderer suffers a fate equally as painful as his victim, and we all have heard stories on the news or on television channels about how people at one time or another may be wrongfully accused for extremely serious crimes. These possibly wrongful convictions are made even more intense by the fact that Oklahoma has one of the highest Capital Punishment rates in the United States. The fact that a conviction bearing the possibility of a sentence of life in prison or death by capital punishment is possible should be enough to warrant anybody to seek out the help of a honed lawyer.

Our legal system allows for immediate appeals for those who are in danger of being sentenced to capital punishment in Oklahoma, so if you are reading this blog then you have every opportunity and every right to contact us for assistance in your case. Crimes of this caliber are required to be analyzed over a long period of time and by as large of an audience as possible. If you feel like you have truly been wrongfully convicted, you have the option of multiple appeals and we have enough experience to earn you as many re-trials until a solid verdict is reached, or until you are acquitted.

While the motion to abolish the death penalty in Oklahoma has gained momentum over the past few month due to a “Botched” death penalty in April of 2014, the possibility of being convicted and executed still exists for all persons convicted of such crimes still exists until an actual ban goes through. Even with the possibility of a ban on the death sentence, it is still a terrible thought to lose the ability to see your family regularly, to enjoy the freedoms of not being held in a cell, and freedom to be where and with who you want to be.

If you have found yourself caught in the crossfire of a crime that you did not commit or if you need assistance with a legal battle over your rightful explanation of an act that you performed, call Atkins & Markoff for solid, aggressive lawyers who will fight for your every right to protect yourself and your family from harm.