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New Crosswalks in Tulsa May Follow Tragic Hit-and-Run Death

The family of an 80-year-old Oklahoma woman killed in a hit-and-run accident late last year is asking the city to make Tulsa’s streets safer by installing more visible crosswalks in the area. According to the victim’s son, the location where the fatal pedestrian accident took place is nearly “pitch black,” and the “markings on the crosswalk look like they were done 20 years ago.” JoAnn Carlson was struck in the crosswalk on Cherry Street in Tulsa after eating dinner, and passed away on December 22 from extensive injuries, including 26 broken bones. Following the accident, city councilor Blake Ewing is proposing a plan to install LED crosswalks to better protect the safety of Oklahoma pedestrians. If you have suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident in Oklahoma, contact our reputable attorneys at Atkins & Markoff today to explore your compensation options.


Carlson’s family met with Councilor Ewing and Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett, and asked the officials to make pedestrian safety a priority in the city. According to Mark Brown, city traffic operations manager, the city is already taking steps to keep pedestrians safe, including installing 18 overhead LED lights on Cherry Street soon, adding angled parking spots two years ago, and implementing a 25 mph speed limit on Cherry Street. “We can engineer it all we want,” said Brown. “It’s the combination of educating folks driving through and getting enforcement on board to enforce what we have.” Councilor Ewing’s recent proposal includes another safety feature: raised, LED-lighted crosswalks on Cherry Street and on Lewis Avenue, near the Circle Cinema.


In order to implement the new pedestrian safety features, Councilor Ewing plans to ask the mayor to make a budget amendment, moving about $50,000 from another budget item to pay for the two new crosswalks. With this action, the city hopes to prevent future pedestrian accident injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), pedestrians accidents account for roughly 12% of all highway fatalities involving motor vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident in Oklahoma, consult our knowledgeable lawyers at Atkins & Markoff for legal help. Our law firm is located in Oklahoma City, and our attorneys have extensive experience helping pedestrian accident victims seek fair and timely reimbursement for their injuries. With our lawyers on your side, you can hold the person found at-fault in the accident liable for your injuries, and protect yourself and your family from further harm.