Oklahoma Car Accidents Involving Deer More Common in November

Motorists in Oklahoma and across the United States are urged to use extra caution when driving in November – the month associated with the highest risk of car accidents involving deer. In fact, according to Oklahoma insurance agent Shannon Vann, “Drivers are three times more likely to hit a deer in November,” and 18% of all car-deer collisions occur during this month alone. Although Oklahoma isn’t considered a “high-risk state” like West Virginia – where a driver has a one in 40 chance of striking a deer – Oklahoma drivers’ 1:195 odds of being involved in a car-deer collision is well above other states, including Texas and California. Whether an Oklahoma car-deer accident involves just one car or multiple vehicles, the results can be devastating and may even result in death. If you have suffered serious injuries in an Oklahoma car accident, contact our car accident lawyers at Atkins & Markoff today.

Car Accidents Involving Deer on the Rise

According to statistics included in a press release issued by State Farm Insurance, the number of deer-related car accidents in the United States has increased 7.7% during the past year. Between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012, when the data was collected, State Farm estimates that more than 1.23 million collisions occurred because of the presence of a deer. And these types of car accidents aren’t cheap. According to local insurance agent, Gary Schaefer, the average claim for a car accident involving a deer can range from $2,500 to $5,000. “It depends on how much damage there is and where the deer hit the vehicle,” said Schaefer. “If the deer goes head on, it can cause severe damage.” Your best bet to avoid a devastating Oklahoma car accident involving a deer? “Watch the sides of the road,” Schaefer cautions. “I’ve been told if you’ve seen one deer, there are usually one or two more behind it.”

Car Accident Attorneys for Personal Injury Claims

In an effort to reduce the risk of Oklahoma car accidents caused by deer, AAA’s Oklahoma City office issued a press release to media throughout the state with tips on how to avoid a deer-car collision. First off – wear your seat belt and don’t speed. “A decrease in speed gives you more time to react,” said AAA spokesperson Chuck Mai. Be observant and keep an eye out for yellow signs indicating a deer crossing. Use your horn to scare the deer into moving instead of flashing your headlights; deer can often become fixated on those bulbs, which reduces the likelihood that they will move out of your way. Never swerve to avoid hitting a deer, as this can put you in the path of oncoming traffic; instead, reduce your speed and, if a collision is unavoidable, release your foot from the brake before impact. If you have been injured in a car 1 / 2Oklahoma Car Accidents Involving Deer More Common in November accident in Oklahoma, or if you lost a loved one in such an accident, consult our skilled car accident attorneys at Atkins & Markoff to discuss your legal options.