Oklahoma City Child Custody and Visitation Modification

While divorces are difficult for all involved parties, it is often most difficult for the children caught in the middle. As court proceedings progress, the issue of child custody is explored with the ultimate goal being a situation that best benefits the child. However, for various reasons, sometimes circumstances shift, necessitating modification of the original custody agreement. Below you will find more information on modification of child custody and how the Oklahoma City custody lawyers of Atkins and Markoff can help.

Visitation Rights Modification in OK

Visitation modification can be the result of a mutual agreement between parents or through a conflict over custody of a child. Regardless, a modification must be the result of a change in circumstances, such as:


One of the parents moving, resulting in a distance that is not reasonable or efficient for visitation
One of the parents will be away or traveling for an extended amount of time
One of the parents changing jobs or a shift in work schedule, making the initial custody agreement impractical


Sometimes, a change in custody is necessary for the safety of the child. For example, if one parent becomes incarcerated, develops a substance abuse problem, abuses or neglects the child, repeated violations of agreed visitation schedule, or initiates any other scenario that may endanger a child physically or emotionally, a request for modification can be presented to a court for approval.

In the event of a shift in the custody of a child, oftentimes the emotional aspects will make the process more difficult. Such a situation requires assistance from a qualified Oklahoma family law attorney. Contact Atkins & Markoff for a free initial consultation.