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One Oklahoma Teen Killed, Two Critical After Collision With Tractor Trailer

A teenager from Oklahoma was killed and two others suffered critical injuries in a two-vehicle collision that took place early in the morning on December 30, at the intersection of U.S. highway 64 and state highway 171. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a Dodge pickup driven by 19-year-old Austin Liberton was traveling west on U.S. 64 when it was struck on the passenger side by a Freightliner tractor trailer heading south on OK 171. The tractor trailer was driven by a 27-year-old man named Gildardo Corral of Texas, and the collision took place when Corral failed to yield at the posted stop sign before the intersection of the two roads. If you have been injured in a serious car accident in Oklahoma caused by another person’s negligence, such as was the case in this deadly truck accident, contact our knowledgeable attorneys at Atkins & Markoff today to discuss your legal rights.


In addition to Liberton, there were four other teenage passengers in the Dodge pickup when it was struck by the tractor trailer, including 19-year-old Matthew Scott, 17-year-old Nick Gill, 19-year-old Samantha Dodson and 18-year-old Sean Summer. Scott was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, while Gill and Dodson were air-lifted to University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas, and are currently listed there in critical condition. Liberton and Summer were transported via ambulance to an Oklahoma hospital, where they were both treated for their injuries and released. According to the police report, Gill was pinned inside the vehicle for approximately 46 minutes before being freed by emergency responders, and Scott was trapped for approximately one hour and 15 minutes. Corral, the driver of the tractor trailer, suffered no injuries in the fatal accident.


Accidents involving tractor trailers and semi-trucks occur far too frequently in Oklahoma and across the United States, often caused by negligence or driver distraction, putting the lives of those in passenger cars and trucks at an unnecessary risk. Unfortunately, due to the sheer size and weight of the tractor trailer, the teens riding in the passenger car had little chance of escaping the collision unharmed, even though they were all wearing their seat belts. If you have suffered major injuries in a car or truck accident anywhere in Oklahoma, or if you lost a loved one in such an accident, our skilled lawyers at Atkins & Markoff can help. Our team of qualified attorneys has extensive experience protecting the legal rights of trucking accident victims throughout Oklahoma, and will work hard to help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries, medical bills and other losses.