Defective Cosmetics

Like all defective products, these products have something wrong with them that can cause unwanted side effects or illnesses. In the case of cosmetics, defects can be from the manufacturer, misleading sales tactics or from faulty marketing practices. The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, includes lists of product recalls from the last 60 days. According … Read moreDefective Cosmetics

Alleged Heart Attack Side Effects in Yasmin Lawsuits

Bayer Healthcare is one of the true giants of the pharmaceutical world, and one of their lines of products concerning prescription birth control medications has generated billions of dollars in revenue in recent years. The original medication released by Bayer Healtchare is known as Yasmin, and it has been on the market for several years … Read moreAlleged Heart Attack Side Effects in Yasmin Lawsuits

Defective Auto Parts

A defective product is a product sold with defects. Defective auto parts, in most cases, come from the manufacturer. Two other ways auto parts can become defective are from faulty marketing practices or misleading sales tactics. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC is responsible for protecting the public from risks of serious injury … Read moreDefective Auto Parts

Yaz Interview with News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City

Atkins & Markoff Attorney Daniel Markoff and two of his clients who have suffered serious injuries caused by Yaz were interviewed by Meg Alexander for KFOR, News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City. The interview will be aired during the 10pm newscast on Thursday, November 12th. Yaz Birth Control Injury Yaz, Yasmine, and the generic Ocella, … Read moreYaz Interview with News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City