Propecia Lawsuits Filed for Impotence and Permanent Sexual Dysfunction

Male pattern baldness, otherwise known as MPB, is a condition that men had to endure for centuries without any hope for slowing its progression. However, recent advances in medical research have yielded new medications that have allowed many men to slow, stop and even to reverse its advancement. One of the leading medications in this regard is known as Propecia. Unfortunately, the need for help from defective drug lawyers has arisen with many men who have suffered from serious and permanent Propecia side effects. Below is a brief introduction to this growing problem.


Since Propecia hit the market, millions of men have used it in an attempt to stop their male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, many of these men have fallen victim to alleged Propecia side effects that deal with erectile dysfunction or impotence. Merck & Co. is the manufacturer of Propecia, and while the company has warned against the potential for Propecia side effects, many are claiming that these warnings are not adequate. Specifically, the company has stated that ‘sexual side effects’ could occur while using Propecia, but that these side effects would dissipate when the use of Propecia ends.
However, the basis for many of the Propecia lawsuits that have been filed around the United States concerns the claims that these sexual side effects do not end when men stop taking the medication. Instead, the erectile dysfunction has been permanent in nature, extending well beyond the time they have stopped using Propecia. Eerily similar claims have been filed by Propecia attorneys around the United States because of this unfortunate result.


Clearly, the permanent inability to perform sexually is much too high a price to pay for the chance that male pattern baldness will be stopped, particularly if the men who have suffered in this regard were not aware of this possibility. If you or someone you love has been harmed in this manner, you need to seek the help of Propecia attorneys who have been holding drug companies accountable for the harm they have caused for many years. Contact Atkins & Markoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.