When Are Medication Side Effects Grounds for a Lawsuit?

Everyone who’s taken prescription drugs understands they have side effects. It’s the price we pay to access the incredible healing power of our best medications. 

Unfortunately, the system for approving prescription drugs isn’t perfect, and some drugs make it to market when they shouldn’t. These drugs have serious side effects that may outweigh their benefits. Even worse, patients who take these drugs often never receive proper warning about the risks to make informed decisions before taking them. 

Just because a drug has been approved, however, doesn’t mean the manufacturer is protected from liability. When a prescription drug maker pushes a medication with adverse side effects to market and fails to warn patients about the dangers, the patients affected have the right to file a lawsuit and hold the drug company accountable for the harm they’ve caused. 

So what types of medication side effects can provide grounds for a “bad drug” lawsuit? In this article, we’ll talk about some different scenarios and explain what you can do if you’ve suffered harm because you took unsafe medication. 

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