These 4 Common Truck Defects Cause Deadly Wrecks

Truck Defects

While the truck driver’s actions should receive plenty of scrutiny in the wake of a devastating truck accident, there’s also a good chance the condition of the truck itself played a role in causing the wreck.

Compared to a typical passenger car, trucks are extremely complex and require constant maintenance. Meanwhile, profit-driven trucking companies often try to cut corners on inspections and repairs to pad their profit margins. Together, these factors mean vehicle defects contribute to truck crashes at incredibly high rates.

Read this article to learn some of the common truck defects that often cause deadly wrecks and how an attorney can help if you’ve been affected. 

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What’s the Average Settlement for an 18-Wheeler Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a truck wreck, you may have received an initial settlement offer from the insurance company. Or you might be wondering what the insurance company would offer if you if you hired a lawyer and pursued a trucking accident lawsuit. 

Either way, it’s natural to wonder about the “true” settlement value of your case and to look for an “average settlement” figure you can use to compare with the insurance company offer. In this article, we’ll explain 4 major factors that insurance companies use to calculate settlement offers, but we’ll also discuss why an average of past settlement figures doesn’t necessarily mean much for your case. 

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I Was Rear-Ended by a Semi Truck — What Should I Do?

If you’ve been rear-ended by a semi truck, you’re most likely dealing with serious pain as you face expensive medical bills and a long recovery, not to mention the impacts on your career and your day-to-day life.

Unfortunately, these devastating crashes are all too common. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that 22 percent of all large truck crashes involve a truck colliding with the rear end of another vehicle, which amounts to about 96,360 rear-end crashes nationwide each year.

If you’ve been rear-ended by a semi truck in Oklahoma and you’ve suffered serious injuries, read on to learn about what you can do next and whether the truck driver is always at fault when a truck rear-ends a passenger vehicle. 

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