Turnpike Drug Bust in Lincoln County

Two men were sent to the Lincoln County Jail in Chandler after 150 kilos of cocaine was discovered in their tractor-trailer rig. The individuals being held on these charges have bail set at $1 million each. Their arrest, which began as a routine traffic stop, took place along eastbound I-44 at about 6:15 pm on Thursday, May 27. The cocaine, valued at $3 million, had been hidden among a load of oranges, according to the OHP reporter.

Although the amount of cocaine isn’t record-breaking for a state drug bust, it is significant enough that the names of the troopers are being kept confidential for safety reasons, according to Chris West, spokesperson for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

“We think it’s a victory for the citizens of Oklahoma and the country because that load could have been going anywhere in the country,” West said.

The state record for the largest drug bust on a state highway occurred in 2001, when up to $1 billion of cocaine was discovered in an RV traveling from California.

While there are many drug-related arrests on Oklahoma’s highways, an arrest for cocaine trafficking is rare in this state, as most drug-related highway arrests involve possession of marijuana. Oklahoma also rarely deals with drugs from other states, with the majority of substances being brought in from Mexico. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, Mexican drug trafficking organizations use Oklahoma as a trans-shipment point for marijuana because of the state’s central location. Because of the highways that cross our state, Oklahoma is one of the central places through which drugs are trafficked to other regions of the country.

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