Two Felony Charges Reduced Significantly

Our Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Reduce Charges

Within a two-week span, two charges that could have carried up to 20 years in prison in Oklahoma were both reduced to mere misdemeanors with the help of the criminal defense lawyers of Atkins & Markoff.

A man in Oklahoma County and another man in Logan County were each initially charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, which is a felony that requires substantial jail time. Instead, both of the charges were dropped to misdemeanors with probation. It is unheard of for two such serious convictions (felonies are typically considered the most serious crimes in any system of criminal law), so close together, to be reduced.

Assault and battery with a deadly weapon is hardly ever amended and, if so, it is usually dropped down to assault with a dangerous weapon. However, the expertise legal experience at Atkins & Markoff ensured that these two men got only the sentence that was proper, ensuring a life free of an unnecessary and lengthy prison sentence. If you or someone you know needs a representation, please contact Atkins and Markoff immediately.