Warning: Your Cruise Control Can Be Dangerous

Did you know there are certain times when driving with the cruise control on can actually be the cause of an accident? It seems there is an increasing number of people who experience car accidents in the rain or ice caused from hydroplaning with the cruise control on. When a car hydroplanes, the wheels lose contact with the pavement. If the cruise control is on when this occurs the car can actually speed up as the cruise control tries to maintain a steady speed and in doing so the driver will lose control.

The best possible scenario would be that the car swerves out of control into a ditch with out hitting any other cars. The worst? A serious car accident that injures the driver and/or passengers, as well as other is the worst scenario. So who knows this little known safety practice? Generally most police officers and traffic operators know, but they all should since they deal with accidents and danger every day. Really most of the others who know are people who have been in accidents with the cruise control themselves.

So where are the warnings from the driver’s education instructors or even the car companies? Does anyone remember being told about the cruise control dangers in the rain, ice, slush, or snow? This should be an important lesson in driver’s education and even in the written exams to receive a driver’s license.

Would it be more helpful if there was a warning on the visor above the driver’s side or maybe in the car manual in the cruise control section? The possibilities are numerous for where the warnings should be placed, nut the real place for them is in the wisdom of the family and friends of new drivers to pass this valuable information along.