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What You Should Wear If Your Case Gets Taken to Court

What You Should Wear If Your Case Gets Taken to Court

If your criminal case gets taken to court, there are a few things you should keep in mind – one of which is what you should wear. Many people do not realize this, but your appearance and the clothes you are wearing can actually go a long way in ensuring the outcome of your trial is in your favor. Whether you must appear in court to testify a contested divorce, ask for child support, or because you are facing a criminal charge, it is absolutely imperative that you present yourself in a professional and respectful manner. If this is your first time in court, it can be an intimidating experience, to say the least. A lot is on the line, which is why you must put your best foot forward and do everything you can to show the jury you are an upstanding citizen.

Keep in mind that you may be asked to appear in court numerous times, and you must be dressed accordingly each and every time. This is especially true when talking about your first appearance in court. While we want to believe that we will not be judged by what we wear and our outward appearance, this simply isn’t the case when talking about a court appearance. The fact of the matter is that, as human beings, we respond quite strongly to visual appearance. Whether we like it or not, others make snap judgements about us from the moment they lay eyes on us. This is why it is so important that we go over what to wear if your case gets taken to court.

We hope these tips will help you understand the dos and don’ts of clothing for a court appearance:

  • Remove any piercings – This is a big one. Like it or not, the jury will immediately see you in a different light if you are covered in facial piercings. In order to keep this from skewing their judgement, take out any and all piercings before you walk into the courtroom. This includes multiple ear piercings, that stud in your nose, and your tongue piercing.
  • Cover all tattoos – Similar to the above points, make sure you cover up all tattoos before your court appearance. This includes tattoos on your arms, legs, hands, face, neck, ears, and anywhere else. It is best not to call attention to yourself in any way that may be perceived in a negative light, and unfortunately, many people have adverse reactions to tattoos.
  • Dress conservatively – When appearing in court, make sure you dress nicely and even conservatively. Think of something you would wear to church, for example. Men – leave the jeans at home and opt for a nice blazer and sweater or dress shirt, as well as a tie. Women should opt for a conservative long dress or dress pants with a blazer and scarf. Think sensible when it comes to your footwear, this isn’t the time to show up those new 6 inch heels.
  • Less is more – When it comes to jewelry and makeup, remember that less is more. Leave your fancy hoops at home and don’t cake on the makeup. Present yourself as a well-dressed, respectable citizen.
  • Control your hair – Make sure your hair isn’t wet and messy, but nicely combed and styled. We certainly aren’t going for the bedhead look here. Wash and dry your hair, and even go as far as using a temporary dye if you happen to have neon pink or blue highlights at the moment.

Appearance is everything, especially in the courtroom. Take the above tips into consideration and please do not hesitate to contact an Oklahoma personal injury attorney from Atkins & Markoff if you have any additional questions about what you should wear to court.