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Child Support

child_support_attorney_oklahomaThe purpose of establishing child support is to benefit the children of parents going through a divorce. In Oklahoma, the issue of child support is typically brought up in most custody cases or divorce cases with children. At Atkins & Markoff, our experienced Oklahoma family law attorneys understand that there are numerous factors that contribute to the overall health and wellness of a child. While it is true that children need the love and support of their parents first and foremost, they also deserve to be taken care of financially. Our family law attorneys have a deep understanding of Oklahoma’s laws regarding child support and will do everything in our power to represent you in the court of law on matters of child support.

It is important to note that the amount of child support required will vary from case to case and depend on the income of each parent. Raising a child is expensive, and parents have a duty to financially support their children until the age of 18, regardless of their marital situation. If you are getting a divorce and have children, please contact Atkins & Markoff today so that our experienced family law attorneys can ensure you and your child receive the financial support you deserve.

Calculating Child Support Fairly        

Oklahoma’s laws regarding child support were changed as of July 1, 2009. Today, child support in Oklahoma is based on calculations that take the following into consideration:

  • Number of children being support
  • Number of nights the children stay with each parent per year
  • Gross monthly income of each parent
  • Monthly child care expenses
  • Health insurance expenses
  • Number of children in each parent’s household, including those who are not part of the support action

We understand that child support is an area of family law that comes with a lot of client questions and confusion. Our goal is to make sure that your case is handled fairly, regardless of which side of the child support equation you are on. Our family law attorneys will handle all aspects of child support cases, including modification, collection of past due support, enforcement of child support orders, and initial determinations.

Failure to pay child support or comply with the court ordered child support stipulations may impact your credit history, result in garnishment of wages, and possibly even jail time. In some extreme cases, the state of Oklahoma may seize certain assets or property. If you need to modify your child support payments because of illness or the loss of employment, we can help. Our lawyers can prepare all the necessary documentation for you to petition the court and seek modification of the amount of monthly support you pay.

To learn more about Oklahoma’s child support laws or to set up a consultation with a family law attorney from Atkins & Markoff today, please contact our law firm.