Domestic Violence in Oklahoma

domestic_violence_oklahomaDomestic violence is a serious charge that could result in jail time or hefty fines. Everyone charged with a domestic violence crime deserves proper representation. If a person is found guilty of domestic violence, it will not only have a direct impact on their personal relationship, but it will also result in negative consequences against numerous aspects of your life.

If you are facing domestic violence charges or if you have been the victim of domestic abuse, it is extremely important that you retain the services of an experienced family law attorney.

Domestic Violence Charges in Oklahoma

Crimes of domestic violence in Oklahoma are defined as follows:

  • Assault and battery against a current or former spouse
  • Assault and battery against the current spouse of the offender’s ex
  • Assault and battery against a family member
  • Assault and battery against the offender’s relationship partner, past or present
  • Assault and battery against a person the offender currently lives with or previously lived with
  • Assault and battery against the person with whom the offender as a child

Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship in order to gain or maintain power and control over another individual.

Forms of Domestic Violence

There are five main forms of domestic violence recognized in the United States:

  • Physical – When an individual inflicts or attempts to inflict physical injury on another person; or when someone withholds access to resources necessary to maintain health
  • Sexual – When an individual forces or attempts to coerce any sexual contact without consent
  • Psychological – When an individual instills or attempts to instill fear in another person; or when someone isolates their victim from friends, family, school, and/or work
  • Emotional – When an individual undermines or attempts to affect their victim’s sense of worth or mental state
  • Economic – When an individual attempts to make their victim financially co-dependent

Domestic violence is a serious crime that should not be taken lightly. If you have been the victim of any of the above listed forms of domestic violence, or if you are being accused of domestic abuse, please contact a family law attorney today.