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It is Important to Get Out of Debt

Do you find yourself under a mountain of debt and can see no way out? The bankruptcy process is a challenging one that oftentimes comes with hiccups and road bumps, which is why it may be helpful to retain the services of an Oklahoma City attorney. While many people are scared by the idea of filing for bankruptcy, it is often considered a good option, which allows individuals or couples to start fresh and rebuild their finances to a stable status. Filing for bankruptcy requires that individuals meet a strict set of guidelines and all their paperwork must be filled out without error thus it is in your best interest to seek the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney. Filing for bankruptcy allows many people to rebuild their credit and alleviates the stress of having to deal with too much debt. Whether you are in debt due to medical bills, mortgage payments or credit cards, a team of attorneys can help you get out.

Types of Bankruptcy

There are two main types of bankruptcy that everyone should be aware of before they make the decision to file. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is what you would file for if you do not have any income and are able to pass the means test. The other type of bankruptcy is Chapter 13, which is the more ideal of the two. With this type of bankruptcy, you will be required to set up a three to five year payment plan where the highest possible payments are made. Once this time period is up, your debts will be forgiven. Beyond the two main types of bankruptcy, there are individuals who are dealing with creditor harassment or need to restore their credit. It is difficult to navigate the bankruptcy system which is why it is important to have reliable legal representation by your side to help decide which option is best for you.

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We will do whatever it takes to get you the proper legal representation you deserve. We understand Oklahoma’s laws and legal system thoroughly, and are dedicated to aggressively help every client. Whether you have questions pertaining to which bankruptcy option is best for you or need help rebuilding your credit, we can help.