Power of Attorney

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At a first glance the phrase “Power of Attorney” seems like a possession of power for an attorney but it is actually the power you will possess after having an attorney make decisions and speak on your behalf. Being well versed in legal terminology and dealings can benefit in ways that might not be so apparent. To be more vivid, “Power of Attorney” documents are crafted to ensure that your wishes are carried out after a mental illness or physical disability. When people are unable to make rational decisions and speak on their behalf, this document allows a capable attorney to take over and advocate for them. A well-crafted power of attorney document can save the people involved, precious time, money and effort.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney document allows you to give authority to your lawyer who makes financial/legal decisions and transactions on your behalf. The term durable implies that even after being mentally impaired the document stays effective.

The decisions that the attorney can make can specifically be regarding your estate, medical care, living situation and financial issues. Our experts in this field can help you fathom exactly how this document can be beneficial to you and your situation.

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