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Wills and Living Wills in Oklahoma


Wills are by far the most widely used and common estate-planning tool available in the market. These documents guarantee that the people you love will successfully receive what you wish to bless them with. All this is possible while saving them time, effort, money and emotional costs. However there is professional legal help required to make this process smooth. By allowing experienced Oklahoma estate planning lawyers to support you in articulating and understanding the estate planning instruments present today, you will be better prepared for the future.


The benefits of a thoroughly constructed will are greater than just being able to distribute your assets to your beneficiaries. It avoids conflicts, delays and ease of administrating your estate. Wills in different states have to be constructed based on the laws there but in Oklahoma certain criterion has to be met. The following steps are essential in making an Oklahoma valid will;

    • The will must be in writing
    • The will be must witnessed by at least two people who are at least 18 years of age

In order to make changes or any decisions regarding your will, it is important to be well educated about all the technicalities associated with the will. Many firms out there keep their clients in the dark about important implications to keep things simple but at Atkins and Markoff, we are focused on helping you make your own decisions but only after understanding what those decisions could potentially mean. As long as you are mentally stable and in a normal condition, you can make changes to your will but it is always recommended to consult a professional in the field without making any drastic changes.


Living wills aren’t exactly what they might sound like. Widely understood in the healthcare industry, they basically outline what medical treatment would be administered to an individual if he/she isn’t mentally capable of making a decision. They have no impact on how your estate will be handled.

According to Oklahoma law 63-3101.4,

An individual of sound mind and eighteen (18) years of age or older may execute at any time an advance directive governing the withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment. The advance directive shall be signed by the declarant and witnessed by two individuals who are 18 years of age or older who are not legatees, devisees or heirs at law.

Living wills exist to save the ones close to you emotional trauma if something happens to you. They are based on what you would wish to happen to you if a physically or mentally compromising event takes place.


Through personalized services and an emphasis on crafting customized solutions in Oklahoma, for each and every one of our clients, Atkins and Markoff makes your wish a mission. For more information and a free case evaluation, contact us today.