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Paternity cases are very important and complicated, which is why it is beneficial to retain the services of an attorney from Atkins & Markoff. Paternity cases are important and stressful for everyone involved, whether you are the mother or father of the child in question. Establishing paternity is extremely important for a variety of reasons, such as the fact it may provide security later down the line in the event of a divorce or need for support. Without establishing paternity, a father may be prohibited from obtaining custody or visitation rights from a family law court or judge. If paternity is not proven, a father’s right are next to none. On the other side, it may be important for a mother to establish paternity in order to show she has custody of the child and is in need of financial assistance from the father.

Steps to Establish Paternity

There are a handful of ways that you can establish paternity, the most common of which is to have the father sign the birth certificate of the child as soon as he or she is born. It should be noted that a birth certificate can be altered to change or hide the paternity of the father, but this process is not a simple one. Another way to establish paternity is by filing a petition with your local Oklahoma family law court. If choosing this path, you will be required to attend a hearing that will determine whether or not the man is granted the specific rights and responsibilities that are associated with paternity. Regardless of your chosen method, if you need to establish paternity and reside in Oklahoma, be sure to contact one of our family law attorneys today.

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Attorneys at Atkins & Markoff have worked numerous paternity cases and are well-equipped to represent you. We offer consultation services where we will meet with you and begin to go over the details of your case in great detail. Regardless of the path you have chosen to establish paternity, retaining the services of an attorney from Atkins & Markoff will take a weight off your shoulders and help you close your case as quickly as possible. To set up an appointment and get started with us today, contact our Oklahoma City law firm!