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Spousal Support Attorney in Oklahoma

Wedding rings and moneyAre You In Need of Spousal Support?

Our legal team understands how emotionally draining divorce can be for many people, especially if you rely on your spouse for financial stability. If you are going through a divorce that has left you with a financial burden, contact a family law attorney at Atkins & Markoff today so we can help you receive the spousal support you need. Spousal support is oftentimes referred to as alimony and is paid by the spouse who earns a higher income to the spouse who does not earn as much. Spousal support is designed to assist the lower-earning spouse continue to maintain their same lifestyle and occurs in scenarios when they cannot adequately support themselves.
Spousal Support Explained

In the state of Oklahoma, spousal support is signified by two different types. The first, or ‘regular spousal support’, is paid when the spouses are separated from one another; whether during the divorce or afterwards. The second type is referred to as “rehabilitative support”, which occurs when the higher-earning spouse gives financial support to the lower-earning spouse while they are in school or a training program that will enable them to become more financially stable. It should be noted that the monetary amount and term of payment will be determined based on a handful of factors, such as the age and health of both spouses and the time it will take for the recipient of the support to become financially self-sustaining.

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If you are going through a divorce that will result in financial hardship and an inability to support yourself, contact Atkins & Markoff today so we can help. Located in Oklahoma City, our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience working on cases which have lead to the success of our client. Upon our initial meeting, we will thoroughly investigate your case and build a strong argument that will give you the best possible chances of winning the amount of spousal support you need to live on. Additionally, we represent individuals who find themselves in an unfair spousal support situation. Our legal team also has a great deal of experience working modification cases and can work with you to ensure a harmful court order is modified so you no longer have a problem meeting the terms. To set up your consultation and get started today, give us a call!