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Types of Relocation Issues and Disputes

If you are sharing custody of your children with your ex-wife or ex-husband and have visitation rights that you honor but are thinking about moving, then it would be in your best interest to hire a divorce attorney first. Whether you are considering moving to a different city, out of state, or even to a whole new country because of a job, financial decision, or for a different personal reason, it is important for you to retain the services of an attorney from Atkins & Markoff. Issues of relocation can be extremely complicated, especially when you share custody of a child or children and they go to a local school. In many cases, the courts will create custody arrangements that keep a spouse from moving outside of the designated area.

However, our attorneys understand that relocating is sometimes necessary. If this is the case for you, you may need to speak with the courts and your ex-spouse to see what options you may have regarding custody. Your relocation may mean that a modification of the custody order is necessary, which may also mean that you will need to change your child or spousal support payments to accommodate for your child’s travel costs. If you are considering relocating and would like to learn more about your options, contact an attorney at Atkins & Markoff today. We have more than 100 years of combined legal experience and are well-equipped to not only explain your options to you, but help you pursue a modification.

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney From Atkins & Markoff

If you have decided to relocate and have agreed upon custody or visitation rights, you may have to modify or break this agreement. Whether you need to relinquish your custody of the children to your ex-spouse or settle for a different visitation schedule instead, our divorce attorneys will be able to help. Matters of relocation are extremely complicated and require a lot of documents and hearings to take place, which is where we come in. Atkins & Markoff are an Oklahoma City law firm which understands that just because you are moving it does not mean you do not love your children or want to maintain a relationship with them. To help preserve your relationship and come up with a solution that both you and your ex-spouse can agree upon, you can retain the services of a divorce lawyer from Atkins & Markoff. To set up your  consultation and get started building your case today, please give us a call.