3M Bair Hugger Lawsuit

The 3M Bair Hugger is a forced air warming blanket that is used to maintain an individual’s normal body temperature during surgical procedures. However, recent studies have indicated that some patients develop serious infections after undergoing particular types of surgery, such as joint replacement. Some reports indicate that the 3M Bair Hugger increased patients’ risk of developing MRSA, sepsis, and other types of life-threatening infections. According to 3M, the manufacturer of the Bair Hugger system, it has been used on more than 165 million patients throughout the United States. In fact, more than 80% of U.S. hospitals now utilize the system. However, in 2010 the inventor of the Bair Hugger system asserted that the forced air warming system may pose a risk of infection when used during procedures that involve implantable devices, such as hip replacements. Attorneys at Atkins & Markoff have been following the Bair Hugger lawsuits that have been filed against the manufacturer of the drug, 3M Prevention Solutions. These lawsuits are alleging the company knew about the risks associated with the Bair Hugger, but failed to properly warn patients and doctors.

If you or someone you love recently underwent a surgery where the Bair Hugger was used in order to regulate body temperature and you developed a serious infection within 60 days of the procedure, contact an attorney from Atkins & Markoff immediately. We will go over your specific situation with you and determine whether or not you have a case against the manufacturer.

3M Bair Hugger: What’s the Problem?

In 2012, a scientific paper was published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, stating that the forced air that is circulated when the Bair Hugger is in use actually contains 2,000 times more contaminant compared to those warmed with an alternative system. To date, several 3M Bair Hugger lawsuits have made their way through the U.S. court system. One case involves a knee replacement infection lawsuit where a patient had to have their leg amputated, whereas another involves a knee replacement infection on an elderly man who ended up having to undergo 15 additional surgeries after developing an infection as the result of the Bair Hugger. As you can see, these are extremely serious cases highlights the negative side effects associated with the Bair Hugger. Treatment to rectify problems associated with infections and injuries from the Bair Hugger may include the following:

  • Repeated hospitalizations
  • Multiple surgeries
  • Insertion of antibiotic spacers in the infected joint
  • IV antibiotic therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Removal and revision of the implant device
  • Amputation of the affected limb

The majority of Bair Hugger lawsuits are claiming that 3M knew about the risk of infection for years, but has not made the warning public or taken any steps to fix the device.

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