Pam Cooking Spray Linked to Exploding Cans

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Pam cooking spray has been a household name for years, but the popular greaser is at the center of numerous lawsuits throughout the country. Atkins & Markoff has learned of the lawsuits that allege Pam cooking spray cans are defective and could explode when near any warm place, such as a stove or grill.

The manufacturer of Pam, Conagra, is now facing at least eight different lawsuits following situations in which the cans exploded, leaving victims burned and disfigured. Our personal injury lawyers are working alongside individuals who have suffered burns or any other injuries after using Pam, ensuring our clients receive the highest amount of compensation available. According to the lawsuits, Conagra is aware of the defective design, yet still chose to put the product on the market.

Damages Caused by Pam Cooking Spray

Consumers are coming forward sharing their horror stories of exploding Pam cooking spray cans. The lawsuits claim that the cans are known to explode for no reason when near flame or direct heat, and some allege the can may even explode when stored in a cool place.

The injuries range from mild burns to third-degree burn injuries to the face, arms, chest, neck, and abdomen. Some of the other potential injuries from exploding cooking spray cans include:

  • Blindness
  • Extreme pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Partial or full burn injuries
  • Physical deformities
  • Impact injuries to the face and body
  • Wrongful death

While this is a relatively new story, Pam cooking spray cans have a long history of exploding and emitting flammable material onto anyone in the close vicinity. Our lawyers have obtained some of the incident reports and the information inside is concerning.

There have been cases of exploding Pam cooking spray cans all over the country, including in Colorado where two steakhouse restaurant employees were injured and Utah where a husband and wife both suffered severe burns across their faces and bodies, saying it felt as if their “skin was melting off.”

Defective Design Poses Danger to Consumers

The manufacturer of Pam cooking spray, as well as other brands, labels the product as a propellant, which means it has highly-flammable petroleum-based ingredients that may pose a serious danger to consumers. According to those who have been burned by the contents of a Pam cooking spray canister, Conagra failed to truly warn consumers about the potential for explosion. Lawsuits claim the canisters not only contained potentially dangerous ingredients but are defective as well.

Do I Have a Lawsuit?

Lawsuits are being filed on behalf of consumers who have suffered burns, deformities, and permanent scarring as a result of exploding Pam cooking spray cans. If you have been injured after using this popular cooking product, please contact Atkins & Markoff today. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are keeping a close eye on these lawsuits and are prepared to take action against Conagra on your behalf. To learn if you have a case or to discuss your options with one of our Oklahoma defective product lawyers, call Atkins Markoff today.