Multiple Injury Trust Fund

multiple-injury-trust-fund-attorney-oklahoma-cityYour Options If You have Been Permanently Disabled In a Workplace Accident

If you have been permanently injured or disabled in a workplace accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation or disability compensation. In the event your accident has left you disabled and unable to return to work in any capacity, there are options in place to help ensure that you are able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. In some extreme cases where an individual has been involved in numerous workplace accidents that resulted in a disability, they may be eligible to seek compensation from Oklahoma’s Multiple Injury Trust Fund (MITF).

The purpose of the MITF is to solely compensate those who have sustained multiple workplace injuries at different times, leaving them permanently disabled. While regular disability compensation is covered by the state, workers who have been injured several times in a workplace accident can receive compensation from the trust fund. It should be noted that the MITF was faced with complications and debate for a long period of time, but today it is up and running at its intended capacity. If you are an injured worker and think you may be eligible to receive compensation from the MITF, be sure to contact an Oklahoma attorney from Atkins & Markoff today.

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