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Oklahoma Permanent Disability Lawyer

permanent-disability-lawyer-oklahoma-cityWhat Is Permanent Disability?

If you have been severely injured in a workplace accident that has resulted in a permanent disability, you may be eligible for benefits that will help support you since you cannot work. In order to qualify for permanent disability benefits, you must first undergo a thorough medical evaluation. During this examination, your doctor will determine the nature of your injury and decide whether or not it will keep you from returning to work within 12 months. If your doctor deems your injury too serious to return to work, you may be able to obtain benefits and permanent disability status. Your doctor will also evaluate you and your injury and make a decision as to the percentage of permanent disability, which will determine how much compensation you can receive on a monthly basis.

Understanding the Different Types of Disability

There are several different types of disability that must be understood before you decide to move forward and file for compensation. An individual may seek total disability if they have been so severely disabled or impaired by the workplace accident that they will never be able to return to the job. Partial disability means the injury has left the individual impaired, but they can still perform most of the actions they could before the accident, just not at the same level. If you fall within the restrictions for permanent disability, you will be able to receive 100% of your average weekly wage, but only up to 70% of the state’s median weekly wage. Our legal team at Atkins & Markoff has extensive experience working these types of cases and will be able to walk you through the entire legal process.

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